More Tech Support and Downloads

AMMYY Admin – Alternative remote connection software. Updater Utility – Updater is a dynamic IP address updater, which takes a hostname and keeps a hostname up to date with an IP address that may be always changing. To download this program, right click on the link above, choose save target as, then navigate to your Desktop and save it there.

No-IP – Dynamic DNS updater similar program to DynDNS.

Legacy Support Files

Conversion Utility (bde2ff.exe) – Program to assist in converting Rentpro Loan data files over to Cash Advance Pro.
Compatibility Issues

Riched20.dll – Users of Windows 95 or Windows 98 purchased prior to 1999 might have problems printing some contracts and reports. The text of the contract or report will look garbled in that some of the code for rich text is itself being printed instead of translated into formatting information. To fix this problem, you can either upgrade to Windows 98 Second Edition or newer, or download this system file and copy it into your \Windows\System folder. You will be overwriting a file located there. It would be a good idea to rename your existing file to something like riched20.dlb in case you need to restore it later. Other programs you use might also use this file and there is no way to predict any side effects. Generally speaking, however, the newer file is backwards compatible with older programs. You should not try copying it until you have done a fresh boot without running any other programs. If after doing a fresh boot you still have trouble copying it in, boot to a DOS prompt by pressing F8 on startup, then try to copy the file into the \Windows\System folder from the DOS prompt.

Windows Vista WinHelp – Users that have upgraded to Windows Vista and are using a version of Cash Advance Pro prior to version 4.85 might need to install this from Microsoft’s website in order to view the WinHelp style files used in version 4.84 and earlier. Users of the current version of Cash Advance Pro will not require this file.