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Cash Advance Pro Software Revision History

Only major changes worth noting are mentioned here. All software updates generally include fixes for minor glitches which are not recorded here. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your systems updated. Each update assumes that you have the previous update installed. Unless otherwise noted in the revision notes below, if you do not update your systems in sequence, then you may end up missing certain update files

Software Revision History:

Cash Advance Pro 3.5 8-30-02
Note: Version 3.0 through 3.4 systems may be updated directly to version 3.5.

If you customize your reports, you should back them up before updating. This update will overwrite most of the standard reports.  Version 3.5 contains the fix to several minor problems discovered and reported by users using version 3.4. In addition, the following enhancements have been added.

1. Added a report called "Customer Checks Held" to the Loan Reports group.
2. Added a report called "Active Loans by Loan Number" to the Loan Reports group.
3. Added a report "Store Checks Written" to the Transaction Reports group.
4. Modified five of the loan reports to add additional requested fields, such as Loan Type and Held Check Number. The Outstanding Loans and All Loan Reports are among those modified.
5. Added a Transaction Type 248 to the system to provide an audit trail for when the system date is changed by the user.
6. Added a Profile Setting called "Default Satisfy Method."
7. Fixed a problem whereby memo alert labels were not reflecting correctly for the loan selected in a grid.
8. Fixed a potential problem whereby a user could click the button twice to run End of Day and get an extra close out report which then blocked them from doing another End of Day.
9. Added a repair feature for high security level users to delete the last operating summary.
10. Changed many of the Ok buttons to read Post or Save instead of Ok.
11. Fixed a problem whereby paydowns with late fees were not updating the drawer properly.
12. Changed Paydown status loans not to assess additional late fees automatically.
13. Added ability to edit the id number of a drawer from the drawer maintenance screen.
14. Added payment check numbers to receipts.
15. Added more information fields to Transaction Detail form.
16. On 9-30-02 and 10-1-02, changes were made to fix a problem with the Register button not working on the login screen.
17. Updated Help File.


Cash Advance Pro 3.4 8-19-02
Note: Version 3.0 through 3.3 systems may be updated directly to version 3.4.

Version 3.4 represents a significant update over previous ones, adding numerous end user reporting enhancements and incorporating changes to comply with new Missouri law going into effect on August 28, 2002.  The ability to support fee based cashing of checks also has been added.

1. Added an option to cash checks for a fee. This option records a transaction for each check cashed and ties them to the customer file for a clear transaction history on the customer.  Fees collected for cashing checks are consolidated on the operating summary with the paydown month-to-date and year-to-date revenues.
2. Added a Custom Report option whereby unlimited reports may be customized, saved, and organized by the end user.
3. Changed the Bad Check option to support Transaction Reversals and to allow better tracking for reports. Bad Checks now records one of three transaction types:  Bad Chk Entered, Bad Chk Pmt, and Bad Chk Modified.  Bad Checks also now tie into the loan records with which they are associated and they calculate into the balance showing on that loan.
4. Added numerous reports to the Transaction Reports menu, including: Miscellaneous Receipts Petty Cash reports subtotaled by Reason Code, Bank Deposit report, 3 Bad Check reports, Cashed Checks report, and Transactions by Transaction Type report.
5. Added numerous features to support new Missouri laws going into effect on August 28, 2002. These include options to notify the user when a specified number of renewals has taken place, and a notification of when all fees are going to exceed a specified percent of the original loan amount. The system will automatically recalculate fees correctly to comply with the new law, and it will notify the user when it has done so. Many other requirements of the new law have already been part of Cash Advance Pro's capability and require only a change to the profile settings. A new version of the Missouri Contract has been created and is available.
6. Added a new Interest Method called Modified Interest Method, which acts like simple interest up to the term of the loan, then caps the interest amount charged to the interest amount established on the loan.
7. Added ability for those using Contract Interest Method to recalculate interest based upon the dates entered on renewals and satisfied loans. This ability is user selectable by a clicking a check box called "Recalc Interest."
8. Changed operating summary to summarize information about bad checks, such as the number and amount of active bad checks, and the today, month-to-date, and year-to-date figures for bad checks entered and bad check payments.
9. Added "read memo" and "read note" alerts to the Edit / Customer option to make note alerts more visible when editing customer information.
10. Modified paydown and charge-off options to use the calculated balance due rather than the contract balance.
11. Added option to Profile Settings that allows forcing simple interest type calculations on systems setup to use the contract interest method when the age of the loan is less than a specified number. For example, Louisiana requires allowing a refund of some of the interest within the first five days. This option allows automatic compliance with that law.
12. Added label to Operating Summary menu to show how many reports are available.
13. Added a user friendly feature to have the login dialog automatically highlight the last user who logged in and set the focus for receiving a password entry. This facilitates entering the password immediately rather than clicking on a name first. If the program is exited, the user who last closed out the End of Day is highlighted by default when the login dialog first appears.
14.  Added a Legal Status for loans to distinguish loans with a legal judgment from other loans.
15.  Added a Profile Setting to skip recalculating the interest amount due when the term is changed.
16.  Added ability to have a minimum loan fee assessment.
17.  Added ability to calculate the default loan fee as a daily percentage multiplied by the loan amount and term of the contract.
18. Added a database timeout specification to the profile settings to allow older, slower computers to complete long reports.
19. Updated help file and changed its name to Cap.hlp, and also moved it out of the help folder and into the folder Cash Advance Pro.

Cash Advance Pro 3.3 6-1-02 
Note: Version 3.0 systems may be updated directly to version 3.3.

Version 3.3 represents various minor interim fixes done primarily for new customers. Not all fixes and changes are listed here. After 3.3 was released on June 1, 2002, numerous interim fixes were released until July 8, 2002.

Please note change number 2 if you use the Contract Type Interest Method. This update will necessitate you making changes to the Interest Rates recorded in the profile settings.

1. Made numerous changes to accommodate foreign currency, such as guilders used in the Netherlands.
2. Changed the way the interest method is entered for Contract Interest Method. The interest rate entered should be the daily interest percent. This facilitates contract interest calculations for differing terms. The interest rate may be calculated as: IntRate=(IntAmt/LoanAmt/LoanTerm)*100. For example, if you charge $15 for $100 loaned for 14 days, then the Interest Rate is calculated as ($15/$100/14)*100 = 1.0714285.
3. Help file has been updated.


Cash Advance Pro 3.2 4-30-02
Note: Version 3.0 systems may be updated directly to version 3.2.

1. Added Report Designer capabilities for all reports and forms currently configured. This means the user can modify all forms, letters, and reports. A security level of 99 is required. See help topic "Report Designer" for more information.
2. Added ability to access tabs by keyboard in Edit / Customers.
3. Added ability to see Cash Loans in the drawer cash flow reported on the End of Day Operating Summary.
4. Added store and manager information to the bottom of the End of Day Operating Summary.
5. Added Bad Check summary calculations to end of day processing. The operating summary has not yet been modified to show this information, but this will likely be done in the next update. The fields also can be added by the end user using the report designer.
6. Added ability to make setup for new stores easier.
7. The help file has been enhanced and updated.

Cash Advance Pro 3.1 4-16-02
1. Added a Reference 4 field to the Customer record
2. Added "Neighbor" as a reference relationship
3. Added ability to disable 3 edit fields in "New Loan." See Profile Setting 50.
4. Added a bad check total due field for reports based upon partial payments already made.
5. Fixed a rounding error in Paydown Transactions which would happen only with certain numbers.
6. Added support for a Canadian version, so that labels such as "State" becomes Province, "Zip Code" becomes "Postal Code" and "SSN" becomes "SIN."

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