Cash Advance Pro Downloads

Updates – Always remember to BACKUP your system before installing any updates!

UpdateCashAdvancePro55.exe  -This file will update Cash Advance Pro version 5.4x to 5.5. Note* Clients using Cash Adance Pro version 5.3x should NOT use this update.

Clients using Cash Advance Pro version 5.3x should use the following update:
UpdateCashAdvancePro55-NoSrvc.exe – This file will update Cash Advance Pro 5.3x to 5.5. Version 5.3x used NexusDB version 2 instead of version 3, so this update of the server is necessary.  Version 3 should always be installed as a service.  Most of our clients in version 2 were not having nxServer installed as a service.  Clients need to exit nxServer in the system tray (right click, choose exit), or if nxServer is installed as a service, the service needs to be both stopped and uninstalled (nxServer /uninstall).  Then when this update is run, it will restructure files and and also pack tables needing NLS packing, and also it will install the new nxServer as a service.  After the update, check that Cash Advance Pro starts properly and can view files under View Loans.


SetupMerge.exe – The Cash Advance Pro Merge Utility is designed to transfer data from one database to another. Using an internet connection, it may be used to consolidate several stores into one database. It also may be used simply to pull operating summaries and other information into a home office, or to transfer customer information from several stores into another store. The Merge Utility costs $295. A password is needed in order to install it. The license fee for this software grants unlimited use in as many locations as you like.
UpdateMerge.exe – This is an update file for the Cash Advance Pro Merge Utility to version 5.3.

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Recommended System Requirements:
Windows 7, 8, or 10 (or other Windows Operating Systems) with at least 3 GB RAM
At least an 80 GB Hard Drive with at least 5 GB free space

DSL or Cable Internet Connection (allows for remote connections for technical support)


Remote Connection Requirements:
The location that you will be connecting to will need to have the following:
Static Public IP Address
Port 16000 opened (Both TCP & UDP)

Cash Advance Pro Training Videos

Our online videos provide on-screen text to guide users on how to make the most of Cash Advance Pro’s most popular features. These videos are specifically designed to give users an overview of how to use Cash Advance Pro.
To view a training video, click on the video name, a new window will open and the chosen video will display. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the video.

How to Login – 0.5 mb
This video will guide you through the process of logging into Cash Advance Pro.
Adding Customers – 1.8 mb
This video will guide you through adding customers to Cash Advance Pro.
Entering a New Loan – 1 mb
This video will guide you through entering a new loan for a customer.
Cashing a Check – 1 mb
This video will guide you through the check cashing process.
Cash Drawer – 1.5mb
This video will guide you through the features of the Cash Drawer.
Forms & Letters – 1 mb
This video will guide you through using Forms & Letters.
Entering a Bad Check – 2mb
This video will guide you through entering a returned check.
Interest Chart – 1 mb
This video will guide you through the features of the interest chart.
User Setup – 1.5 mb
This video will guide you through adding new users, modifying existing users, and deleting user records in Cash Advance Pro.
Using Help – 1 mb
This video will assist you with using Cash Advance Pro’s Help System.
End of Day – 3.5 mb
This video will guide you through the End of Day procedures and Setup.

Report Builder Tutorials

LearnRB.exe – (5.4 MB)
This Report Builder tutorial teaches you how to design reports in Cash Advance Pro. This is especially useful for learning how to create customized reports in the custom reports area of Cash Advance Pro.
LearnRAP.exe – (5.0 MB)
This tutorial teaches the basics of using the calc tab in the Report Builder of Cash Advance Pro. The calc tab allows embedding complex calculations and operations within report templates.