Windows Update Problems

We have been getting a lot of calls about Windows Update breaking the database of Cash Advance Pro.  Windows stores locale settings for National Language Support (commonly referred to as NLS).  With new versions of Windows, and sometimes with Windows updates, the locale settings change and the database indexes need to be rebuilt using the information in the Windows Update.  In the past we performed these operations through installation programs and update programs when moving the system to another computer.  But with the recent Windows Update making such changes, we have added a feature to Version 5.7 to recognize the change in Windows and to pack the tables automatically when necessary upon startup of Cash Advance Pro.  This will mean you will not need to call us if this problem were to occur in the future.

To update your system, navigate this website to Support / Cash Advance Pro Updates.  If you are on Version 5.5 or 5.6, you should run the file UpdCAP57.exe or UpdCAP57-Lite.exe, whichever is appropriate for your situation.  If you are already on Version 5.7, check the date of the release.  If the release date is prior to 5/22/2018, we recommend you run the patch update located on our Cash Advance Pro update page.  Look for PatchCAP.exe or PatchCAP-Lite.exe, whichever is appropriate for your setup.

Most update packages require a password.  Contact us by phone or email to receive the password.